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The Creative Writing Handbook

The Creative Writing Handbook

The Creative Writing Handbook is designed to enhance the writing skills of children by improving their imagination and expressiveness.

The book teaches, most simply, the elements of writing in a way that is fun and easy to understand. This book exposes children to the requirements for writing impressive essays, letters, summaries, playscrips and so on.


About 'The Premonition'

Curiosity took hold of Lucy as she watched Josephine look from Beulah’s lifeless body to her blood-stained clothes. Then Josephine’s memory of the previous events returned. Suddenly she looked toward the door and their eyes met!

“Lucy!” she called out just as Lucy took off toward the wooden ladder!

A simple game turns Lucy’s life into a whirlwind of misadventure with smugglers, a gang of pirates and a human trafficking syndicate who would stop at nothing to deprive her of her freedom and the opportunity to see her family again. What must she do to put an end
to it all?

The Premonition - Pamela Peters 2
The Dream

About 'The Dream'

A rash decision born out of sheer desperation thrusts him into the clutches of danger leaving his dreams hanging in the balance.

Will he reclaim his position or say goodbye to his dreams and family?

Join Emeka Okoro, a ten year old boy from a middle class family in Nigeria, as life takes him through a series of thrilling adventures with several twists.

What I do

Author, Writer, Writing Coach, Editor

Her creative works are sure to keep you at the edge of your seat, wanting more, as she unfolds layers of intrigue and suspense!

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